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Based in Northeast Florida, Ibis Painting is a licensed, bonded & insured family-owned business. Providing painting solutions for both commercial and residential locations, the company is skilled at completing interior and exterior projects; on time and on budget.

Using only Top-Quality Products, all projects are managed by an on-site foreman & field supervisor. Communication is key, and our professional painters work closely with contractors, interior decorators, and the property owners themselves.

We refuse to use builder/contractor grade products and provide Written Warranties for all projects.

Ibis services cover an area in the following counties:

Duval County  |  St. John’s County  |  Flagler County  |  Volusia County  |  Surrounding Areas of Northeast Florida 



Pressure Cleaning



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Unlicensed contracting is a FELONY in the state of Florida. Statute #489.127(1(1). Make sure the contractor is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. If an uninsured person claims to get hurt on your job, they can sue you as the owner. People who do not have a contractors license have not been screened, and could have a criminal record.
Florida law states that licensed contractors must be screened regularly, and can not acquire or retain a license if they have a criminal record. There are numerous scams taking place by con artists, who are not screened, working under another contractors license. Make sure you speak directly to the person names on the license, and they approve of the people who are representing their company.

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