Ibis Painting also specializes in commercial painting.  Your Ibis Painting Project Manager will provide thorough support in all areas of project planning.  This includes a detailed estimate, a color design and consultation with flexible reliable scheduling. A manufacturers spec sheet and warranty will also be issued for your project.  Our project managers will then communicate effectively so that each project is carried out and completed efficiently.

Our commercial services include:

Detailed Costing Estimate

Color Design & Consultation

Flexible/Reliable Scheduling

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Unlicensed contracting is a FELONY in the state of Florida. Statute #489.127(1(1). Make sure the contractor is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. If an uninsured person claims to get hurt on your job, they can sue you as the owner. People who do not have a contractors license have not been screened, and could have a criminal record.
Florida law states that licensed contractors must be screened regularly, and can not acquire or retain a license if they have a criminal record. There are numerous scams taking place by con artists, who are not screened, working under another contractors license. Make sure you speak directly to the person names on the license, and they approve of the people who are representing their company.

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