At Ibis Painting, we are committed to bringing our expert exterior painting services to all of The First Coast! Your home is your investment. The outside of your home is what makes the first impression and adds curb appeal to your property .  Let our skilled professional team improve the look of your home.

As a homeowner you have to make many important decisions when it comes to your house. At Ibis Painting we make sure protecting your investment is our top concern before we paint your home. Professional Preparation, Top Quality Products, and a Professional Application will allow you to enjoy your new Exterior Paint Job.

Our Exterior Painting Project are backed by both the paint manufactures warranty and a 5 year labor warranty.

Professional Preparation

Top Quality Products

Expert Application

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Unlicensed contracting is a FELONY in the state of Florida. Statute #489.127(1(1). Make sure the contractor is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. If an uninsured person claims to get hurt on your job, they can sue you as the owner. People who do not have a contractors license have not been screened, and could have a criminal record.
Florida law states that licensed contractors must be screened regularly, and can not acquire or retain a license if they have a criminal record. There are numerous scams taking place by con artists, who are not screened, working under another contractors license. Make sure you speak directly to the person names on the license, and they approve of the people who are representing their company.

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